Lacking the time and inclination to do more than make a list for my own amusement, here’s the current list of things I procrastinate until I’m forced to deal with them (or the consequences of having procrastinated):

  • Folding laundry (though I enjoy it)
  • Putting away laundry (though it’s not that hard)
  • Getting an oil change (though it doesn’t cost much and it’s not hard to schedule)
  • Figuring out Christmas gifts (though I enjoy giving them, figuring out the “perfect gift”)
  • Getting the kids ready for bed (though I love the feel of their little heads and feet and bodies)
  • Calling someone – anyone – I haven’t called in ages (though I know I’ll enjoy talking to them and catching up)
  • Backing up my hard drive (though I know it! needs! done!)
  • Taking out the trash in the kitchen (though it may smell and be dangerously close to overflowing)
  • Getting together with people (though I often long to see them – I just can’t seem to deal with the scheduling lately)