Dear Daughters,

There’s no escaping it – at some point, you have to deal with Difficult People. Janie might not have any trouble with them, and Louisa may find them a joy, but for YOU they will be the very definition of trial and tribulation.

Maybe it’s a personality conflict, or a difference of opinion, or one strong-willed mind against another. Perhaps you’ll discover them within your own family, and you might find yourself smarting from the wounds they inflict, knowingly or not.

They could be in your workplace or right next door. They may pop up in those you thought were bosom buddies. For that matter, you might even recognize a tendency in YOURSELF to BE one every once in a while!

In my years, I’ve come across a number of Difficult People. (Some will no doubt tell you many stories of my exploits AS one.) Most recently, as I’ve muddled through a gray haze of confusion and anger, I realized something that I’m sharing here so that, once you’ve forgotten that I don’t know anything, it may help you one day.

Consider for a moment the Difficulty these people are causing you. Hold it up to your Heavenly Father’s eye level. Then sit down at his feet and let HIM worry about it. (I find it helpful to do this in front of a crucifix, where I’m reminded of what he went through for ALL of us.)

I know it’s not easy, my sweet, but praying for these Difficult People – spawn of Satan though you may feel them to be at the present – will free you. God has bigger shoulders than you, and gentle hands. Let him bear your Difficult People problems while he holds you as you calm down.

It’s not a roll-your-eyes-kumbaya moment, either. Just try praying for them and see if it doesn’t help. You may never know how much those Difficult People NEEDED you to do that!

Your mother