My prayer during Advent was very much enriched by my “borrowing” of my husband’s iPod Touch and downloading the Divine Office app. Now that I have an iPad, Divine Office remains my favorite app (and that’s going up against the six-year-old’s book app and my own new fascination with electronic reading!).

There’s really nothing like a major life change (i.e. birth of a baby) to throw my prayer life into a tailspin. Thanks to this app, though (and the iRosary app, which I used to help me pray my morning rosary), I was able to keep some semblance of a prayer routine.

I have long enjoyed praying aspects of the Office, whether Morning or Evening Prayer or, for a stretch of Lent, Night Prayer. There seems to be something for every season of my life, for the times that can best expand to hold prayer.

With Divine Office, I can either read or listen…or both, at the same time. For a mom-weary brain, this is gold.

Then there’s the content, which the Divine Office folks don’t control, but they do enrich with the loveliness of their production. I have the book of Christian Prayer, which is the shorter form of the liturgy of the hours, and I have enjoyed using it. Right now, in this nursing/hands-full-with-other-children/pray-as-I-go season of my life, though, the Divine Office app meets me where I am.

The beauty of praying the ancient prayer of the Church from the middle of my life is made possible — and even more relevant — thanks to the fine folks at Divine Office. I hear it’s also available for the Droid now and also through the new Mac app store.

You deserve this app, if you have the device for it. And if you don’t, why not visit their website and use the resources there? They’re free and always available. There’s also a podcast, also free.

With the words of the Psalms, I find myself immersed and closer to God. It’s a beautiful thing. You deserve to experience it. What are you waiting for?

(I was not paid or compensated for this review. I just really love this product and wanted to share about it.)