Ever find yourself criticizing something you’ve never tried? Liver and onions, for example, or Brussels sprouts. I often give people free rein on this – yeah, yeah, you don’t like this or that, that’s your decision. I’ve noticed lately, though, how there’s a wave of criticism about NFP (Natural Family Planning), and when I got to thinking about it, it’s coming from people don’t use it or who haven’t tried it. “It’s too hard,” “I could never do that,” or “It doesn’t work.” I can only speak from my own experience, but it’s not hard at all. It’s no worse than remembering to take a pill at a certain time every day. In fact, back in the days when I used the Pill, I forgot to take it at the exact time quite a bit of the time.

How is it that so many can be Catholics, which is extremely counter-cultural, and yet walk the line of contraception, without giving the alternative a try? We’re so quick to take medicine, to infuse chemicals into our bodies without even understanding just what the implications – physically and spiritually – might be. Why is it that so many people are not as quick to give NFP a try?