By Mark Victor Hansen

The adult and child population of America faces many health problems today. One-third of the children are pre-diabetic and a large part of the population is obese. Exhaustion and fatigue is also a common problem and complaint. The cause of these problems is that kids and adults are too dependent on fast food, being unaware of its detriments and kids also tend to get more sugar than they should.

Fast food can cause many problems due to its unhealthy nature. Fast food contains transfats which turn into human fat in your body. The cold drinks that these joints serve weaken your bones by leaching calcium. Are these effects really worth the few minutes you save by eating at a fast food joint instead of eating a healthy, home cooked meal? If you really want to learn about the eating problems in America today, you can watch movies such as Food, Inc.

My household is one that sticks to healthy food. My wife, Crystal, and I cook meals with our grandkids too. This has helped them develop healthy eating habits and has helped me get tons of compliments on how young I look. All the credit goes to Crystal. She dislikes the concept of eating fast food because she grew up on a farm in Idaho where everything was home grown and healthy. That’s what she’s imbibed in our lifestyle too.

The problem with unhealthy eating habits is the long term, negative effect. When you give your body only unhealthy food, it cannot be its best self. That’s why so many people are always so exhausted. To be able to function at its physical and mental peak, your body needs healthy input which can only come through healthy eating.

Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be successful adults. But how will your kids be successful if they don’t have the energy required to achieve their dreams? How will they have a happy future if they don’t achieve their ambitions?

In order to live the life they want, they need to reach their goals and for this, they need to be healthy – at their physical and mental best. This is only possible if you inculcate healthy eating habits and make their ‘today’ healthy.

Mark Victor Hansen is the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul. His latest project is How he came to offer me a guest post, I’m not sure, but I appreciate its content and the work he’s doing!