Are you aiming for world domination? Looking for tips on minions and henchpeople? Need a boost to your moral in a world that just doesn’t appreciate evil the way it should?

Look no further, because I have the book for you!


A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil is a collection of papers for aspiring ne’er-do-wells, written by those who have succeeded in the world of evil.

And if you’re not aspiring to a life of evil, you might pick this up to see what the junior high kids down the road are really up to…

On a more serious, less tongue-in-cheek note, I chuckled and howled my way through this book. I mean, see if you don’t grin a bit just looking at these chapter titles:

  • Being Evil in Normal Ways, by Dr. Evil-n-Carnate, Frequent Flyer, Grocery Shopper and Overlord of Cubical Block 3257J
  • Lairs: A Conversational Tirade on Functionality, by Minion’s Employer
  • The Genius of Being Fashionably Evil, by Dr. Markus Mefistofoleez
  • The Importance of Date Night to the Married Super Villian, by The Dark Lord
  • Public Relations Tactics for Supervillains, by Jack Dickerson
  • Human Resources in the Evil Organization, by Dr. Ignatius Duplicitous

This is an entertaining read, and if you even remotely enjoy essays, you have it here. I thought at first one person had written all of them, and I marveled at how very different the voices were. Come to find out (at the end) that it was in fact written by a host of different writers, all assuming a personality.

If you’re looking for good beach reading, here you go. If you’re ambitious, you might notice themes throughout that are slightly troubling…like, wait a minute, are certain government officials taking this advice?

All too often, I get really stuck in being serious and finding the deeper meanings. It’s not bad to have a fun book like this to fall back on.

Unless, of course, it’s true. 🙂