A few years ago, I participated in a Catholic mother’s study and was left feeling…unsatisfied somehow. Since I know many women who have benefited greatly from this particular study, I questioned my general ambivalence, tending almost to negativity. Was I just at a bad place; did I just have a bad attitude?

After a different small group study, based on a different series, I realized what I missed in the first one – though I am a Catholic mom and it was for Catholic moms, it didn’t include Church teachings and documents in a way that stimulated me to grow.

When Donna-Marie shared her book The Domestic Church: Room by Room with me, I recognized a study that answers that desire I had – and continue to have – to grow in faith with other Catholic women. It’s a great introduction to some of John Paul II’s writings on family, packaged in a clever design, where you explore your domestic church one room at a time, starting in the foyer and traveling through the garage, nursery, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and basement, ending with the porch and patio.

You could use this guide in a small weekly group, or you could go through it alone. (I’m more likely to actually answer questions when I’m in a group setting.) Having your Bible handy will give you a chance to reference the Scripture passages Donna-Marie uses throughout.

The Domestic Church: Room by Room is a study that sits you down, heart to heart, with some of the greatest Catholic minds of our time. It will make you walk through your own home with a new appreciation for your vocation within it.