There are some things that seem too crazy to be true. The premise behind Dr. Michael Norman’s book Unbridled Grace: A True Story about the Power of Choice fits easily in those categories.

Dr. Norman, fresh out of college and saddled with a young family and plenty of loans, answers a classified ad that seems to be the answer to his prayer. It turns out, instead, to be the cause of a decade of drama.

Norman finds out he’s been working for the Mafia and he’s being indicted in a nasty, completely false, federal trial.

This book reads like a novel, complete with Bad Guys and Much Drama. I could see it being a made-for-TV movie, and maybe some smart producer will agree with me sometime in the future.

After each chapter, there’s a lesson drawn from the experience related in that chapter. These sections tied the book together and made it focus on faith.

This book is a testimony to the power of faith and the redemptive power of suffering, but, more than that, it’s also a witness to the heroism of ordinary people facing insurmountable challenges.

Dr. Norman was just a normal guy before his trial. He’s probably just a normal guy now. Thanks to this book, though, he’s also an inspiration to those of us who may face huge challenges ahead of us.

You can learn more about Dr. Michael Norman and the book at his website.