What I Planned to Get Done Over the Weekend:

  • Buy the new accessories for the glam new bathroom Prince Charming and Poppa Amazing have been finishing up
  • Clean of the Big Kitchen Table, including folding all laundry, putting said laundry away, and carrying the piles of to-go-upstairs stuff up the stairs
  • Clean the Middle Room, which was hit by the Drywall Dust Bomb when we (I mean, they) were drywalling the new bathroom, a task which would include clearing off the table that has been housing all the tools and miscellany, freeing every surface and toy and thing from its layer of white dust, and possibly even vacuuming (I don’t want to hear the collective gasp, even though I imagine it anyway – I admit it, vacuuming and ironing and cooking – what I am good at is negotiable but those three don’t make the top ten!)

What I Got Done Over the Weekend:

  • Got the bathroom stuff
  • Visited family we haven’t seen in waaaay too long
  • Cuddled on the couch and ate Tim Horton’s donuts while we watched morning cartoons and vegged
  • Cleared out the iris bed (though the post about that should go on the above list, because I meant to write about the small dramas associated with it, but…well, you’re getting this post instead!)
  • Played on the trampoline
  • Fell asleep in my daughter’s bed, with her little body up against mine and her soft hair right under my chin
  • Read parts of a few books, finished a great one (although the review of it will have to also wait until later in the week)
  • Did some dishes (though, sadly for my sanity, not all of them)
  • Cooked a cake for Nanny’s birthday (though I didn’t have icing, so it’s not done yet)
  • Blogged a bit (and got mostly caught up on reading)
  • Wrote a bit (but in my little notebook, not online, due to the trampoline and the sunshine)
  • Savored every minute with a husband who was homework-free (he got it done Thursday night!) and a toddler who was two (well, some things are a mixed bag, aren’t they?)