Little did I know the rewards I would receive as a result of my vows on that happy wedding day. Becoming a parent didn’t seem like such a big deal, and then it happened, and everything became better by a fraction of ten, enhanced with new colors and meaning, important in small and significant ways.

Images of love flow through our days together, and make my life more beautiful:

To see you gazing at our daughter with love in your eyes,
Knowing she is safe with you,
Confident that she is protected from the world when she is in your arms.

To hear her giggling, to see you laughing,
To see her smile when you walk in the room.

To see that you love her,
And to know that the love you feel for her is a product of our love for each other.

To see you in her,
To know that she has the best role model in you.

To share dreams and aspirations for our family
With the man who made our family possible,
With my lover and best friend.

You make our family strong,
As the foundation of who we are as a family.

Every day, I am blessed with a miracle,
And it’s all because you, my beloved husband, are a father.