I love novenas. They give me a chance to feel like I’m actually doing the work of prayer, as opposed to just dashing off a quick request and sending it heavenward. They remind me, over the course of the nine days of prayer, of the discipline and the focus that I can give as a gift to God. They offer me the opportunity to slow myself, however briefly, and turn to God.

Of all the novenas I love (and there are plenty), I have a special spot for the Divine Mercy Novena, which starts on Good Friday. I usually remember it about every other year, and I pray it as imperfectly as I pray everything else.

There’s something about this novena that really clinches my heart, that really stretches me, every time I pray it.

Maybe it’s the fact that Saint Faustina is a special patron of mine (so special she’s one of my daughter’s patrons). Maybe it’s that the message of Divine Mercy speaks to a need within me (and, really, within all of us). Maybe it’s that it’s a novena that’s organized in a way I like.

Whatever the reason, I love it. And this year, I’m especially excited to see that John Paul Deddens is going to be leading the way over at Pray More Novenas.


If you haven’t already signed up at Pray More Novenas, go. Now! You get a little reminder in your email and the company of over 90,000 (yes, that’s a 9 with FIVE ZEROS after it!) praying with you.

John Paul has been doing wonderful work at Pray More Novenas. It’s a ministry that has helped me grow immensely, and one that I recommend to everyone I know.

You sign up, you get an email, you pray. It’s that easy.

And this time, you get to pray along with the Divine Mercy Novena as we lead to the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII. It’s truly going to be a special novena.