I’m just not in a daybook frame of mind this morning, so I’m posting five random things in five sentences each. (If you get the impression that I’m avoiding real work or getting in the shower, you’d be right.)


One day last week, Prince Charming opened my car door and a phone – a cordless handset, to be precise – fell out. I’ve asked everyone I can think of, and no one’s missing a phone. Any chance it’s you? If so, call me. Oh wait, maybe you can’t…well, then, email me.


I’ve been thinking of changing my domain name and/or the name of my blog. It’s been in the back of my mind…”just another day of Catholic pondering” is long and, well, ponderous. Oh, and it doesn’t match with my domain name. (The background of why it is the way it is is here.) Then there’s that Marketing Voice in my head who chimes in about how everyone knows what it is, where to find me, etc. etc. etc. I’ve been compiling the pros and cons into lists in my head – I feel a spreadsheet coming on! – and I’m not sure what’s winning.


When and if we ever redo our downstairs, I have decided to buck the tradition that places closets in bedrooms. For my children, it’s fine – they take baths at night. For those of us who bathe in the morning, however, it would be much more convenient to have clothes storage close to the bathroom. It’s one of those things that niggles my mind when I’m laying in bed. And don’t think for a moment that I don’t argue (in my defense) that the laundry would be waaaay easier to put away! 🙂


We took our tree down on Saturday. For the fifth year in a row (I guess I can call it a tradition now), we’ve had a real, plantable tree. Though I would have liked to keep it up until next Sunday – and next year when we also have a big fake tree in addition to the real tree, we will! – the poor thing just needed to be out of the house. Babs and I took all the ornaments off and had a lovely little discussion about about almost every one of them, just like we did when we decorated (though we had Daddy’s help with that). None of them broke, and it was a nice family moment.


Last night, I finally finished Real Women, Real Saints, by Gina Loehr. It’s one of my new favorite books about the saints. Loehr’s voice is so…well, so real and conversational. And though she wrote about the “old trusties,” she also introduced me to some new friends. Full review coming…but don’t let that stop you from checking it out for yourself!