Dear Prince Charming,

It all started, not so many years ago, when I took your hand, when I said “yes,” when I gave up the idea of staying single forever.
And you know what? It was fun to get married to you. We laughed a lot at the reception, do you remember that? And we’ve laughed a lot since.

Oh, we’ve had our share of times that weren’t…great. We’ve had a few…disagreements. But we’ve made it to five years! (And if it feels like ten, I’m taking that as a compliment!)

You’ve made me a better person in your usual way of doing things: slow and steady, patiently and quietly. You know, I remember that girl you started dating, and sometimes she still rears up. But mostly I’m a better person, thanks to you.

Remember this picture? Remember how close we were, getting to the hospital only 30 minutes before she was born? Remember how scared you were? I can still see, in this picture, a hint of the shock I was feeling. Oh, I knew Babs was coming out, but I had no idea that in the simple act of coming out she would make us both such different – and better! – people. I still can’t grasp how much my world changed, how much bigger it became, how much I started letting go of myself and living for my family in a way I just couldn’t have imagined before.

Being parents has made our relationship – our marriage – stronger. Suddenly, two “better” people are living in the same house, struggling with this large and indescribable responsibility of raising another human being, worrying about doing things “right” or “wrong,” learning and failing in equal measure.

Enter Number Two. Do you remember how excited Babs was? Do you remember how small Noonie felt? How could we have forgotten so quickly?

I never thought I could love you more. Oh, I knew that love takes more than just a good feeling. I knew there was a commitment aspect to love.

I just didn’t know it would be fun. I had no idea embarking on this Adventure, dear Bob, would be more fun than anything else I can imagine doing. I could have never supposed that being Wife and Mother would make me feel like Queen and Princess when I’m doing it with you.

Thanks for the last five years, Prince Charming. I love you!