Today you shall be married.

It shall be a nervousing event.

You’ve been preparing for it for so long.

And yet…

…with it comes
pure joy, in the midst of the trial and tribulation,
pure strength, in the midst of burden and bleariness,
pure awareness, in the letting go of “I” and the taking up of “us,”

It’s not all sunshine and roses. It’s not all happy times. It’s not all good. There will be darkness, sadness, unhappiness.

But, as I’ve said before, marriage is not – can’t be – a 50/50 proposition. There’s no “equality” in the sense of sharing every responsibility – and that’s how it should be. Marriage is 100/100 all the time, and 80/20, 70/30, 40/60, 10/90 for the specifics. It’s a 100 percent commitment – not based on feel-good times, but on the choice to love through it all. (I’m not addressing the exceptions here…abuse, etc.)

The advice I’ll give you is the same as that advice I never had a chance to give my niece (unless she reads my blog, which is unlikely)…Be nice to each other. The feelings will change and the human attention span is short and no one is perfect (especially your spouse!).

May the Holy Family guide you and Andy in a special way as you begin your life together.