Every Wednesday, we have a staff meeting at the parish where I work. We rotate cooking responsibilities, and this week it’s my turn.

Lucky for me, Fr. Leo has taken care of the menu. (Wasn’t that nice of him?)

(For those of you reading by email and in feed readers, you may have to click through to see this nifty movie.)

If you’re interested in watching the whole series, SQPN has them here. (There’s also a link to subscribe in iTunes.) There are additional webisodes over at the Grace Before Meals website too.

And I don’t even like cooking. But I do have a soft spot for priests, especially priests who cook. (I wonder if we could talk Padre into doing a series like this?)

I first heard about this book (yes, there’s a book too!) from Barb, way back. I’m this close to ordering my own copy of the book, though I won’t…yet. (I just bought two cookbooks from Half Price Books over the weekend. I have no great hopes of them changing my life, though I do hope I get inspired to cook more than just “Babby Specials” (bologna and cheese on wheat) sometime soon…)