This year, I didn’t spend any money on cards. I couldn’t think of anything to buy. (Well, scratch that, I couldn’t afford what I knew they’d want.) So, instead, I’m doing something that’s extravagant in a different way.

I’m praying.

I’m not sharing it here to brag (though I know you wouldn’t have thought that). It is the sort of thing that I thought you might want to join in on. It’s a 30 day prayer to St. Joseph called the Holy Cloak of St. Joseph, who is the patron of fathers (and a special friend of mine) and workers and all sorts of other things.

You see, these special men in my life — my husband, my dad, my father-in-law, my other father-in-law, my brothers who are newly fathers, my uncles, my children’s godparents, my favorite Padre — they all have what they need. I’d have to spend a lot of money to get them anything that would make them blink twice. Oh, pictures of the kids, yeah, that’s always a good thing. But…well, it just didn’t seem right this year.

I think maybe I was nudged by Someone Upstairs.

In any event, here’s praying the next 30 days (and beyond!) bring graces and blessings to the fathers in my life.