I’ve mentioned before that I love a good story. And Terrapin, T.M. Doran’s last book, was one such book.

Turns out, the folks at Ignatius Press are offering it free as an eBook until November 24, 2014, along with a new Doran short story. (Can you see me jumping up and down?)



And while we’re talking about good stories, here’s one that’s not a novel: Loved As I Am, by Sister Miriam Heidland.


cover-loved as I am

A foreword by Christopher West and a back cover blurb by Jason Evert: even if I hadn’t heard Sr. Miriam Heidland speak at a women’s conference last year, I probably still would have jumped at the chance to read new book, Loved as I Am: An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus (Ave Maria Press, 2014).

Heidland is the kind of speaker who holds her audience in the palm of her hand; I wasn’t so sure her book would do the same. I remember, vividly, live-tweeting with tears running down my face as she spoke about her life and her journey.

Though I’m not normally a big fan of reading conversion stories, what Heidland has crafted is as much an invitation to her readers as it is a chronicle of her journey to Christ.

My full review, complete with excerpts, is over at the Register today.