1. Prepare to laugh

Michelle Reitemeyer, who blogs at Rosetta Stone, has long been a favorite of mine.  She outdid herself last week, though, and I feel it is my duty to share it.

My life right now is a little messy. “Mary, put on your diaper,” I’ll demand. “No, I, Naked,” she’ll respond. Well, hello, Naked.

It’s a post about potty training.  Maybe you think that’s not relevant to you.  And maybe that’s accurate.  But if you’ve ever been around potty training, you might enjoy this (you know, so you can laugh at those of us with toddlers). There’s even a handy quiz if, like Michelle and myself, you’re not sure if it’s time to bite the bullet with your version of “Naked.”

Take a moment, even if it means you won’t be coming back to see me, and read “I, Naked.”

2. Writing what I know (and what I don’t)

I’ve heard the advice, over and over and over, since I’ve started “really” writing that you should write what you know.  I have mixed feelings about this as advice (as I do about most advice), but I find that when I’m back against a wall, it’s what I do: I write what I know.  My latest column at Today’s Catholic Woman is an example of that.  I reflect on Mary’s title as Mother Most Pure and bare my heart a bit as I write about a woman who has been a hero and inspiration to me for as many years as I’ve known her.

On the front of sharing about what I know, however limited it may be, you’ll also find me on the upcoming episode of Catholic Foodie (which isn’t live yet) in a segment called “Mary in the Kitchen.”  If you’re not one to listen to podcasts or online content, I’m not offended.  But, boo for you, you’ll miss the awesome intro my Louisiana nieces, Junie and Ree, did, complete with a cascade of laughter that I think I may make into a ringtone.  (It makes me smile just to think about it.)

3. My lil cowgirl

My five-year-old is doing so well with riding lessons.

She’s been riding Trent.  She still likes him, even though at the lesson before this one, back at the end of January, he got spooked and she was thrown when he took off running.

He looks pretty laid back, doesn’t he?  He is.  And she is learning to control him.

Well, we’re fans…of the horse farm and of Trent the Pony.  Oh, and the smell of horse.  🙂

4. My (un)Book

Over the summer, I announced that I was working on a book.  And now I find myself in the (embarrassing? awkward? weird?) situation of admitting to you that I have discerned that the arrangement I had is not one that will work for my life as it is right now.

That’s not to say there won’t ever be a book.  There just won’t be one soon.  🙂

5. CNMC in Boston

On a more terrifying exciting note, though, I will be speaking at the Catholic New Media Celebration in Boston this August.  Will you be there?

I just realized, this week, that the weekend of the CNMC might conflict with our annual State Fair stuff.  So let’s just be up-front about this:  I really, really love you people to forgo one of my favorite times of the year.

6. Gunsmoke

Meet the new love of my life.

His name is Gunsmoke.  (I love that, on so many levels.)

He has a bit of character, as you can see.

We get along pretty well, so far.  (In answer to the discussion from a while ago, my husband said Yes to riding lessons for me.  What a guy! :))

7. This weekend

As I understand it from my husband, this weekend is a big deal.  I suggested full use of the DVR; he maintains that not only would it get full, he wouldn’t have time to watch things back. The problem, I guess, is that he doesn’t take the week off like he used to. So I’ll spend the weekend with the kids, cuddling with him on and off, and entertaining thoughts of greener pastures.

I’m making him play basketball outside with our future basketball star, though!  (Someone has to get pictures!)

Unless it’s raining.  (Which he says he’s hoping for.) (I say we have enough mud!)

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