With February comes the hope of spring, the hint of sunshine, the coziness of longer days (though they be snow-covered). And this year, right at the beginning of February, we jump into Lent (which is its own topic).

So, for February’s monthly resolution, I’m going to keep it uber-simple, lest I fail in my small quest for the month. This month, I’m going to take out the boxes that need taken out, give away the stuff that’s set aside for giving away, and, in general, clear out the clutter that’s just waiting.

There’s a part of me clamoring and screaming at the smallness of this resolution, but the Bob Voice-in-my-head is reining me in and reminding me that if I don’t keep it simple, it’s not really achievable; if I don’t keep it small, it’s not really possible with Lent starting.

So I’m going to listen to the Bob Voice-in-my-head (who I fondly call Bob V., in case you were wondering), and I’m going to just plan to accomplish this one small thing (that, if you saw my house, is not so very small an endeavor at all!). The beauty of these monthly resolutions is in the motivation that comes from getting things done, achieving little wins in the race (or sitting down to a cup of tea, as it were, depending on the month!).