I missed yesterday’s Quick Takes, but I’m still going all random (and quick, because there’s a window of time that I must use!) for today.

I was doing real good with keeping up on my favorite blogs.
Until last week.
Now…766 more posts to read.
Time to…downsize.

Today’s adventure: frozen pipes, frozen well pumps. I’ve been twittering about it, and that leads me to observe, once again, just how much I enjoy this whole experience of little updates of less than 140 characters. My updates go to both Twitter and Facebook, thanks to ping.fm. (*Actually, I hate Facebook. I consider myself pretty web savvy, but I just can’t get the hang of Facebook. You’ll find me over there, and you’ll see my updates, but it’s because of the magic of ping. Is there a way to filter the friend updates over there and see them using something like TweetDeck? Anyone?)

Yesterday, I downloaded some albums to iTunes and I’m so glad I did! It was a bit impulsive, but it’s given me a soundtrack to life that I had forgotten that I need. I’ve neglected music in my life lately, and in the last two weeks, I’ve been using the iTunes party shuffle feature with different playlists and music genres, and it’s helping me. A lot.

Speaking of music, one of the albums I downloaded was The Sound of Music soundtrack. Aunt Charlotte’s funeral made me think of it (I’ve been meaning to download it for weeks!) — this winter I discovered Prince Charming loves the movie, so it’s been in and out of our VCR (I still have that old VHS tape Aunt C bought me back when I was in college and asking for movies for Christmas) and we’ve been humming the songs and sharing it with Babs, who loves it too.

And speaking of Aunt Charlotte, I have meant to write more about her for some time. I have referred to her here as Aunt C, and when I did a little search-a-roo to find out what, exactly, I’ve written, I had to smile. The two posts that are actually relevant are Christmas-related, and that is the time of year when I’ll most think of Aunt Charlotte. In case you’re interested:

  • Christmas Bits (2008) – Aunt C is mentioned in #5 and #6.
  • All I Want for Christmas (2007) – A letter to Santa; Aunt C is mentioned in the opening paragraph. I’m pretty sure she always believed in Santa. She’s probably the reason, when it came right down to it, that I’m “doing” Santa with my kids. (She’s not the only reason, mind you.)