At last, we have March in front of us, and the hope for spring burns within me. (We are less than six weeks from planting corn, my husband reminds me. So it HAS to get warmer! Spring HAS to come!) And today, the weather will be balmy (almost 60!), further fueling my optimism.

With the beginning of March comes a new resolution, something small that I can do to improve life around these parts. Last month, I focused on my husband’s daily note. And though he might have only gotten a few scrawled sentences some mornings, he did get a note all but two or three days.

There are a lot of things I need to improve (aren’t there always?), but this month, rather than tackle some domestic duty I will only fail at keeping, I’m going to focus on getting myself out of bed when my alarm goes off. Sounds like a basic plan, but lately, there’s been a Whack-a-Mole game going on with my hand and my snooze button, a game that has been stretching out for as long as an hour some mornings recently.

There’s a reason I set that alarm for the time I do, and it’s because my getting up early is one of the hinges in making things run smoothly around here. With the extra time to play and putter and wake up in the mornings, my approach is miles better than on the mornings I’m rushing out of bed and setting world records with how fast I can move.

So, in March, I resolve to roll out of bed and limp around with no more than two snooze hits (barring weekends). We’ll see if I can keep it…(or if I get wise and change the wake-up time…)