Without this commitment, without the gift of our willing permission, Mary is not free to act. But once we take even the first halting steps of consecration, Our Lady begins to enter our lives in a perceptible way. Her goal is to fashion our soul after the pattern God first established in her own, to see us transformed into a living temple of the Lord, an Ark of the Covenant, that we might carry Christ to the world. This is who Our Lady was. This is who Mother Teresa was. This is who we can be, with her help.

Joseph Langford, MC, in his book Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady

God is the ultimate gentleman and Mary is, thus, the ultimate lady. She won’t pry or interfere. Oh, she’ll nudge. (It’s a mom thing, I think.) But she won’t overstep. Give her permission, though, ask her help, and watch out!

What would it be like to be a living temple of the Lord? I know I’m not worthy of that, but what if He came anyway? What if someone (like His mom) convinced Him to just stop by, just say Hi, just pop in?

With her help, I can carry Christ to the world.

Will I ask? Or will I be too busy with something else?