Nowadays, there is a very serious epidemic of indifference, which strikes both the laity and the religious in different ways.

However, God is worthy of infinite glory.

Even though we are poor, limited creatures, and therefore, unable to give him the glory he deserves, we should make an effort to contribute, within our capabilities, to give him the greatest glory.

The glory of God consists in the salvation of souls.

Therefore, the sublime ideal of our lives should be the salvation and highest sanctification of the greatest number of souls (beginning with ourselves), redeemed by Jesus at a dear price by his dying on the cross…

But how can we give God the greatest possible glory and lead the greatest number of souls to the highest degree of holiness?

Undoubtedly, God himself, who is omniscient, knows better than ourselves that there is a certain way that can be used at every moment to give him the greatest possible glory.

Therefore, we can and should resort only to him and ask him to teach us that certain way.

But how does God reveal his own will?

Through his representatives on earth; therefore, only through holy obedience shall we learn what God wants from us…

How great is our dignity through the mercy of God!

By obeying we raise ourselves beyond our littleness and we can act in conformity with an infinite wisdom (without exaggeration), to the divine wisdom… God offers us his own infinite wisdom and prudence… Through obedience we become infinitely powerful: who, in fact, can resist God’s will.

Saint Maximillian Kolbe (+1941) was a Polish Conventual Fransciscan priest who
was martyred in Auschwitz.