I’m a godmother twice over. It’s a responsibility that I take as seriously as my role as mother, and one that inspired me as I wrote this week’s column on Mary as Queen of Heaven.

There’s a heavenly connection between me and this baby, begun with my role as godmother and sealed with the feast day she blessed with her birth. My role — to pray for and help this child to grow toward heaven — is parallel to the role Mary plays in each of our lives. As the Queen Mother, Mary intercedes with the King, her Son. She has a role of dominion, but she exercises it with humility and love, and I take my lesson from her.

It’s my goal to reflect the queenship of Mary in my small — yet important, oh-so-important — role as godmother. One way I can do this is to understand how heaven might appear to a preschool girl.

So I’ve spent some time picturing Mary in a different way than I usually do. In this altered portrayal, inspired by a four-year-old’s version of heaven, her hair’s not scattered, she’s not wearing an apron, and she isn’t wearing the same old thing. Her hair is coifed and, in all likelihood, has flowers in it. She’s wearing something that I might consider over-the-top for daily life, which is certainly a dress and includes silver slippers with rhinestones embedded across the toes.

The entire column is here.