This just in from the folks behind the Walk for Life West Coast:

Since the media is consistently ignoring us, we are going to make it hard for them to do so this year. Whether you are at the Walk or following at home, we ask everyone take out their cell phones and tweet that they are at or following the Walk for Life with 50,000 people. In the tweet, beside including our own hash tag #WalkForLife, please include @CNN @FoxNews @ USAToday, etc. We will have thousands of people showing these media outlets that they can’t ignore us! So get ready by downloading Twitter to your phones and learn how to send those tweets! It will be great fun.

I would appreciate you joining in and asking all your friends and family to do the same. If we can get enough people to do this, well, who knows what could happen.  It’s certainly worth a try!

Here is an image that was posted on facebook to get the word out.  Please pass it on!