…and look what I found:

Click to increase size.

Click to increase size.

Now, before you think I’m a creepy stalker sort (ahem, maybeIambutshhhhh), I did a legitimate interview with Danielle, and it will be posted to a legitimate website where I write all the time. We needed a picture of her (standard procedure when you post an interview).

What’s cool: That’s a picture with ME!!!

What’s ALSO cool: the CatholicMom.com book club we’re doing for Danielle’s new book, Momnipotent, is also in the top results.

So of course, the NEXT thing I did was Google image search myself (which I haven’t done lately, because I’m not the only Sarah Reinhard (though HAHAHA I AM NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!).

SR Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.01.10 PM

I love that in MY results (the ones that are OF ME) also represent some terrific memories and meetings with people I love dearly.