— 1 —

Remember last year’s Advent wreath link-up?

It’s not to late to enter for this year’s! Because yes, I’m doing it again. {Why not? It was fun! :)}

What you do:

Take a picture of your Advent wreath.

How you participate:

Option 1: Post your picture to your blog and send me the link to that post via TwitterFacebookGoogle+email, or by leaving a comment right here.

Option 2: Send me your picture via TwitterFacebookGoogle+, or email.

When you should do it:

Send me your entry by Wednesday, December 12, Noon EST, and I’ll include it in the post I’m going to do on Thursday, December 13. (And if you’re late with it, I’ll still try to get it included, so no worries.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how lovely your Advent wreaths are! 

— 2 —

Looking for a great gift for yourself this Advent?

Well, here you go:

A Mary Christmas, by Kathleen Carroll, and Holding Jesus: Reflections on Mary, the Mother of God, by Alfred McBride.

I didn’t realize Holding Jesus was perfect for Advent until I started reading it. And A Mary Christmas is just as great as I thought it would be when I told you I was planning to read it.

I’m going to be doing full-length reviews in some of the other places I write, but wanted to be sure to promote them here as fabuloso wonderific must-have books for Advent and beyond!

— 3 —

Remember the days when I had a camera and posted pictures like this

all the time?

Do you miss it?


Well, then.

— 4 —

If your response to that picture in #3 is, “She looks JUST like you!” let me correct you.

No, she doesn’t.

She’s MUCH cuter.


— 5 —

Can you tell I’m a little punchy this week?

I think I need more coffee.

— 6 —

Are you interested in writing? Maybe?

How about free? Do you like free?

Well then, don’t miss THIS:

I don’t remember how many years ago I started going, but I credit the Catholic Writers Guild and this free online writers conference for teaching me many things, including how to be a better writer. Every year.

It’s March 4-15, 2013, and includes forums and chats. It’s a chance to dip your big toe in, if you’re new to the world of writing, or to learn more, if you’re unsure. If you’ve been around a while, it’s a chance to connect (or reconnect) with others and noodle and, most importantly, have fun! It’s as much or as little as you make of it and IT’S FREE.

I’ll be  presenting a few workshops on blogging. Don’t let that scare you away. They have real writers and professionals too.

— 7 —

I used this video with my 5th grade religion class this week:

{Link to embedded video}

It helps to “get it” if you look at the handout. One of my goals in life is to memorize this so that I can perform it for next year’s class. Or maybe later this year. Cuz yes, folks, I am THAT cool. 🙂

Which brings me to this insight: do you know HOW HARD it is to find songs/resources for learning the books of the Bible if you’re CATHOLIC?!? Huh? DO YOU?

And I can’t help but ask…how many of YOU know all the books of the Bible?

Give some Advent greetings to our Quick Takes fair hostess at Conversion Diary.