Mary goes by many titles, and I’m not an expert on them. Last week, though, I had a chance to learn quite a bit about Our Lady of Grace. Oh, I did the research for a column, sure. (You can read it today over at Today’s Catholic Woman.) But I also experienced grace, I paid attention to grace, I noticed just how much grace there is in my life.

In my normal, boring, ordinary life.

Like when the week turns topsy-turvy and there’s an opportunity for an explosion…that doesn’t happen. Like when the maintenance issues of my old farmhouse threaten my sanity…but then things fall into place, as if Someone Else were involved. Like when the kids crawled under my skin and jumped up and down…and I didn’t blow up at them.

I never knew, until recently, that the little statue one of my best good friends gave me, back when we were roommates and right after I became Catholic, was a statue of Our Lady of Grace. And I never knew, until last week, how much Our Lady of Grace is going to be hearing from me!

UPDATED: Sorry about the link trouble! I updated it with the correct link. 🙂