This recent conversation was too good not to share.

Me, on Twitter and Facebook:

I am starting to wonder…could 3yo’s guardian angel BE a pony? She says yes. I flirt with heresy by tending to agree.

@MarkRSz (who has shared wisdom here before as a guest blogger), in a series of replies:

Each angel is a unique “species”. Further, our angels are ours fore protection and direction.

Since the angels are pure spirit, they are free to act in those ways most suiting the person they protect.

So, while not strictly a “pony”, her angel is free to relate as she would see a pony. Thus God is praised and she is protected.

Not only do I learn something new every day from my kids, sharing what my kids say via Twitter teaches me even more!

On Facebook, Renee shared this bit of insight:

Couldn’t a guardian angel make itself appear to be a pony in order to delight and gain the attention of a 3yo? ♥ 🙂

I’m in process on reflecting on this. I have a feeling it will come out again later. Anyway, it was too good not to share.

What are YOUR thoughts about guardian angels and how they appear to us?