Thanks to Patti B. Ogden, author of Keoni’s Big Question (which I reviewed here), for sharing this guest post with all of us.

The five-year-old boy, who had always been so bubbly and full of life, sat stoic and disturbed. His face was contorted with whatever inner turmoil that vexed him. Suddenly he burst into a fit of protest. Kicking and screaming like a wild animal, this formerly obedient child shamelessly disobeyed every warning the adults around him dished out. Discipline on that day had no effect. Only the wisdom of a tenderhearted grandmother saw through the outrage and viewed a terribly wounded heart.

Grandmother scooped him up in her arms and carried the boy to a quiet place outside. Still kicking and screaming, he suddenly fell silent when they reached the olive tree. Once again he became stoic, staring straight into space, his eyes vacant.

Grandmother took a deep breath as she prayed inwardly for God’s strength and help in a time of desperate need. “Darling, I know you are hurting,” she said in the softest voice.

“I understand.” One tear began to trickle down the boy’s cheek. Grandmother knew she had finally contacted his spirit realm –the opening to bring healing.

“I know you are upset and your heart hurts for your Daddy.”

Like a storm cloud that suddenly burst, his countenance changed to one of pure lamentation and utter hopelessness. He sobbed like there was no tomorrow. Grandmother embraced him tenderly until he had finished his crying.

“Darling, do you remember all of the miracles that we have seen God do in our family? Do you remember when he saved Grandpa from the accident? Do you remember when we all prayed for Auntie and God pulled her away from that terrible mistake she made and He changed her life around? God can do great things for Daddy too. He is the same God today as He was in the stories we read in the Bible.”

Slowly he looked up at Grandmother with a glimmer of hope in his eye that silently said, “Please tell me more so I can feel better.”

Grandmother recited stories of a battling David, the courage of Job and the bravery and boldness of Peter and Paul. “What we must do now is to be strong soldiers of faith. We must pray that God does a miracle for Daddy. I know the Lord wants you to be happy again.” Grandmother prayed with him out loud, asking God for supernatural intervention in a family situation that made everyone feel helpless. The little boy just listened, his crying stopped, his body relaxed and his countenance softened. She knew God had sent his comforting angels.

Less than three months later that prayer was answered and the family made whole again. When Grandmother got to see him again she immediately saw the positive change in his sweet face.

“Did God answer your prayers for Daddy?” she asked even though she knew the answer. He nodded with blessed assurance and a great big smile. “Are you all happy again?” He nodded once more, hugging Grandma with all he was worth.

With that, a little life was changed forever and the power of a supernatural relationship was cemented between a little child and a God who he knew would answer in a time of need.

This is the message in MessageKids Books by Capstone Productions. My first book, Keoni’s Big Question, is the introduction for children to understand how to communicate with a God we can’t see. It handles this serious subject with sensitivity, tenderness and all the excitement of a fiction storybook. But most of all it easily answers the tough questions about God that most children have but can’t verbalize.

I am that Grandmother and the little boy is my grandson. I encourage you to read, share and celebrate the answer to Keoni’s Big Question.

Keoni’s Big Question
By Patti B. Ogden
Illustrated by Mary Manning
$12.00 Retail | Hardcover | 32 page full color storybook | ISBN 978-0-9816783-6-8
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