…of letting my freshly bathed toddler play in the barn right before bed because Daddy’s home and that’s where he’s at.

…of shouting when a glass of water spilled without remembering that (a) it was my fault it was there in her way and (b) it was only water.

…of letting an unnamed toddler eat popsicles for breakfast…in front of the TV.

…of blogging instead of making dinner.

…of sleeping until 9 while Hubby deals with Early Girl.

…of leaving the house a mess in favor of going to bed.

…of hitting snooze for an hour (even though it’s Hubby’s day off…even though it’s Sunday and I really should get up so we’re not-as-late-as-usual…even though it’s a day I need to get up early).

…of faking sleep when I hear the little thumps coming my way so I get the sweet not-so-soft “GOOD MORNING!” and the kiss.

…of letting my two-year-old daughter kiss my belly. Anytime she wants to. Even in the middle of Mass. And liking it.

…of reading instead of doing whatever I should be doing (like making dinner).

…of emailing instead of calling family members.

…of getting a pizza for lunch when I have a perfectly good lunch in the fridge at work.

…of eating McDonald’s. A lot. While I’m pregnant and supposed to be nurturing new life.

…of sitting on the couch reading books with my daughter instead of making dinner. (Wait, is there a pattern here?)

…of letting my daughter take the equivalent of a bath as she helps me do dishes. And wishing it would last longer, this precious time while she is enthusiastic about doing what I do.

…of squandering an entire weekend on slow nothing-accomplished-except-time-together in honor of the break between classes. (And planning for the squandering of another one before the classes start back up!)

…of not even pretending to like fishing.

…of getting up in the middle of the night with the little one. And thinking of how short a time she’s been little and how fast she’s been growing.

…of yelling at the dog in a tone of voice I would never want to hear my daughter use. And then, when I hear my daughter use it on said dog, of being glad I don’t yell at her like that.

…of not resolving to be nicer to the dog. Even though I probably should.

…of waiting a week longer than I should have to take the dog to the vet’s for a rash.

…of procrastinating. A lot. On things I should just get done (like making dinner, doing housework, answering email, returning phone calls…).