Do you have a woman in your life who’s impossible to shop for, who has it all, who doesn’t need — or want — a thing?  Do you find yourself dreading gift-giving holidays, wanting to delight her, but fearful of falling short?  Do you pray for a miracle and inspiration?

Your prayer has been answered.

With Lisa Hendey’s debut book, The Handbook for Catholic Moms, Catholic dads everywhere can rest assured that they’re buying the perfect gift.  It’s equal parts girlfriend sharing, wise advice, and divine inspiration.

Be warned, moms and dads: you’re going to need to buy two copies, or maybe even three.  That woman you’re buying for, of course, gets one, but you deserve one too (even if you’re the dad — here’s your chance to get a glimpse (and what a lovely glimpse!) into her world!).  Then there’s that copy you’re going to want to give away — maybe to the new mom who’s looking a bit discouraged at Mass or the old friend who needs a hug but won’t admit it.

Lisa has done what Lisa does so well…she has collaborated and gathered the wisdom of the Catholic community into one place.  Her book has earned its spot on the shelf that holds my dearest and most favorite books.

I imagined Lisa, so often throughout the book, putting her arm around me.  There’s one part in particular where she talks about being at Mass and being inspired by the variety of moms around her and she shares how each of them, so different and yet so united, are her heroes.

Lisa has long been a hero of mine.  She’s the kind of person you can call late at night and ask to pray with you.  She’s the kind of person who gives and gives and gives…and then reminds us, by her example, that what comes first — whether she’s introducing herself at a conference or meeting you for the first time online — is our vocations as wives and mothers.

This is the kind of book that I’ll be keeping in stock at my house, because I come into contact with a lot of moms who need what this book offers: gentle encouragement, faith-filled sharing, and timeless wisdom.

I recommend it for, oh, everyone.  But then, I’m just a little biased.  🙂

Thank you, Lisa, for your hard work in bringing together the gift that is The Handbook for Catholic Moms.  We are blessed by you and your contribution to the world, especially through the work you do within the walls of your domestic church.