I have always been intrigued by hands, and I catch myself looking at other people’s hands and taking pictures of them. When I look at my hands, I see how they have changed; when I look at other women’s hands, I see the story of what they do, where they’ve been, how they use their hands.

Hands are such a part of my life. I grab my daughters’ hands instinctively when I want them near me, safe. I grab my husband’s hand without even thinking when we are out on a date, for the comfort I always feel. I often hold my own hands together to warm them.

Somehow, hands and stars intertwine together in my mind. The stars are so far away, so distant, such a focus for nighttime pondering…and sometimes the hands of those I want to hold close are distant too.

This week, hands and stars are woven together in my column at Today’s Catholic Woman about Mary, Star of the Sea.