I was just poking around online, as is my wont when I have tons of other things to do, and look what I found:

At Barnes & Noble:

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At Amazon:

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The official release date is September 24, but it looks like not only is it shipping, but you could have it in your hot little hands next week!

I couldn’t resist sharing it here. And there. And everywhere!

We’ll be launching it and bloggy book touring and all sorts of things in October.

And if you’ve read it…you can be among the first to review it at B&N, Amazon, and Goodreads! How’s THAT for awesome?!?

Thanks, as always, for your support of my work and writing. This book, in particular, is getting more and more special for me. It might just be the “Mary book” I had the feeling I was supposed to write (though I can’t help but feel that it’s not…guess only God knows that for sure).