Peggy Bowes has been here before and shared her wisdom. You might know her as the author of The Rosary Workout or a columnist at Maybe you’ve come across her blogging, Twittering, and Facebooking.

Today, Peggy shares her tips for packing healthy lunches for your back-to-school kids (and I’m going to use some of these when I make lunches for the rest of us — husband included — too!).

Check out the statue of Mary she’s sporting on her kitchen counter. (But I was paying attention to the other tips too!) The website Peggy refers to for the saint of the day information she prints out for her children’s lunches can be found here.

I think I’d like her to make my lunches, after watching this video…

Thanks, Peggy, for sharing your ideas with all of us!

What are your ideas for healthy and/or Catholic box lunches?