After reflecting on the wedding at Cana, I can’t help but smile at my own silliness. Just the other day, I was saying “look at God’s generosity.” And here I am, experiencing it.

I have started trying to really give God my day. This is not easy for me, a control freak. It is, in fact, a practice that is testing me in ways that even my morning cup o’ joe can’t help. But yesterday, the dreaded “double Monday” after a three-day holiday weekend, I sat down and said to God, “OK, today’s going to suck. It’s all yours.” Joy of joys! Even with my patience level low and my headache level high, it flipped around into a veritable Friday of a day! Not only did I get to spend the afternoon with nieces and nephews, but I also made Aunt of the Day due to a Rescue from the Evils of Latchkey. My daughter got to be immersed in Yaya-Gigi-Dadam and I got to smile and snap, two of my favorite pastimes.

When I sat down and gave the day to God, I was really just hoping for something small, maybe relief from the pounding in my head. I landed the jackpot of days!

And why was I surprised?