— 1 —

My favorite Nativity Set is part of my decor.

— 2 —

Since Christmas, my four-year-old has had an interest in arranging them. And rearranging them.

And now…they play hide-and-seek.

— 3 —

It took me a week or so to realize they were missing from their usual shelf.

Turns out, Mama Mary, Joseph, and the shepherd were with the Holy Family statue on an upper shelf (let’s not think about how she GOT to that taller shelf, ok?).

— 4 —

The donkey, being quite creative, hid in the printer.

— 5 —

The goat was tucked in between the tissues and my recipe box.

— 6 —

And the oxen? I missed him COMPLETELY in front of the fishing lodge.

I found him days after I thought I had everything reassembled on the correct shelf.

— 7 —

What all this says about my decorating and my ability to ignore things that are under my nose, I don’t know. OK, I DO know. There is room for humor ALL. THE. TIME.

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