Last week, my 8th-grade niece was attempting to stop my life in its tracks with her request for help with a seemingly impossible math assignment.

My husband, who is Mr. Math Help Extraordinaire, was working late.

My kids, who were being entertained by a very thoughtful grandma, were bouncing off the walls.

My niece, who was stumped, was laughing uproarously at the creative and colorful language coming from me.

Among them were some phrases inspired by the 1950s Batman & Robin, reruns of which I used to watch in the afternoons before dinner or right after dinner. Remember that? Reuns? Because there was nothing else on, and certainly no cable out in the boonies at the camp where I grew up.

I remembered my promise to look it up on YouTube for her, and when I found this video, I couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Because maybe you have something pushing you right to your limit and you need some help filling in the blank after “Holy.”