Outside my window
It’s a gray, blustery day. The thermometer reads 33 degrees, but the wind’s making it much, much colder.
Room to ramble
I’m off work today, though there is plenty of work that needs done. We were away for the weekend, visiting Uncle Sailor and Auntie-who’s-going-to-have-the-new-baby and Grandma-who-lives-there (this is, in fact, how Babs refers to them, though I need to come up with a shorter way of typing it!). It was great fun, but it’s nice to be home. (Isn’t that always true after a trip? It is for me!)
In thanksgiving
For a weekend of visiting and safe trips.
Kitchen meanderings
The kitchen is where all of the odds-n-ends ended up, so I’m going to have to do some clearing out, folding, and putting away. Oh yeah, and I also need to figure out what we’re going to eat this week! I usually do that on Sundays, but I got caught up in some other projects yesterday, so that’s on this morning’s list.
Nose inserted
It’s a short stack, but it will be growing this week, as I figure out where I’m going with my Advent reading. (Following the Procrastination Theme of late, I only have a sense of where it’s going.)
Real Women, Real Saints, by Gina Loehr
Parents and Children, by Charlotte Mason
A friend’s manuscript (which is simply wonderful!)
Folded hands, bowed head
This week, my rosary intentions are for a couple of special intentions, for those two nieces/nephews that are in utero, and for my family.
In my ears
I’m turning my iPod off during Advent. OK, pick yourself back up off the floor. I know it’s a pretty radical thing for me to do, given how much I love it. And that’s just why it’s an appropriate gift for Jesus. This came to me while I was praying just the other morning, and whether it’s divinely inspired or not, I do think the silence will help me to embrace Advent and shrug off the Bah-Humbug chip on my shoulder that pops up every year. (More about that later this week, I hope.)
Around the house
It’s still silent in my house. The kids are still sleeping and I just finished off my coffee. Things are still clean and picked up, but it’s only Monday and we were gone all weekend… 🙂
A favorite thing
Microsoft Excel, organizer of my Christmas gift lists for years!
For the rest of the week
I have to finish up gifts for a few difficult people (ideas for gifts for preteen boys, anyone?) and then start sorting and organizing and shipping and such. Later this week, Bob and I are going to go shopping for our girls and then I can enjoy the feeling of being done…for now. We have a slew of late December birthdays (and an early January one of our own!). I’m going to make time to fill some trash bags from the toy room (not while my little packrat is around though, at least not for the first pass).
Worth a thousand words
(This is the 13-month-old…Such confidence! Such assurance!)