One Friday night recently, they sat on the couch together, her nose in a book, his eyes glued to a football game.

Out of nowhere, presumably in the interest of shaking things up a bit, he asked her, “Do you want a new dress for the company Christmas party?”

In a moment filled with sinking feelings, she realized she should have read the company party email more carefully to see where it would be held.

She knew he didn’t mean “You have nothing to wear that’s worthy of such an esteemed event” or even “I can’t be seen with someone who dresses like you.”  There was no doubt that he meant something like “You deserve a new dress” and “Here’s your chance to buy a little something special to wear.”

Nevertheless, as a die-hard tomboy, she felt panic rising quickly in her.  She was unable to concentrate on the book (which couldn’t have been the book’s fault).  She started thinking about the raves he had shared about his colleagues, and she started imagining their awesome wives.

“I’ll have to be sure to keep my mouth shut,” she blurted out.

He looked up, confused.  The team he was interested in had just scored or fumbled or something.

She had to face facts, and quickly. There was a little over a month before the company Christmas party.  She had zero fashion sense outside her comfort zone of jeans and cowboy boots.  Though she hated shopping almost as much as she hated wasps and creepy crawly bugs, there was no doubt that shopping would be involved.

Will our heroine find a dress that’s within her budget, that fits her right, and that she likes?  Will shoes be a possibility?  How about a coat that won’t look dorky and farm girlish over a stylish outfit?  You’ll have to stay tuned for the next installment…