Horse in the Wilderness, by Debbie Eckles (WestBow Press, 2013)

This book has a lot of potential and a good story buried within it.

There’s a good story in this book, but unfortunately, it was published before that story could get polished. This is an example of a book that needed editing on a level it just didn’t get. The grammar was great, right on, no problems. The story and plot, though, could have used some work. The characters were almost fleshed out but seemed cardboard and weak and the storyline was predictable at best. I probably wouldn’t have finished this book if I hadn’t signed up to read it through BookSneeze.

That said, many people will enjoy this book. It has romance and internal conflict in ways that seem popular right now and there are horses, too. (That was what attracted me to it initially.) If you’re not a snob (arguably, I am), then you will probably enjoy this as a light summer read. Your teenage daughter would probably enjoy it too.