I love the colors – blue sky, orange and red and yellow trees.

I hate the onslaught of bugs, seeking warmth through the cracks and crevices of our old house.

I love the warmth of the stove contrasted against the chill in the air.

I hate the furnace (cranky old thing that it is).

I love the splashy sunsets, exploding through the kitchen windows, and early enough that I get to see them, most of the time.

I hate the shorter days and the longer nights.

I love that our in-house Early Riser still thinks it’s nighttime at 6:30 and will willingly go back to bed.

I hate the time change.

I love the mums and the pumpkins, the apples and the weenie roasts, the

I hate switching the dressers and closets and finding all the warm clothes in the attic.

I love sweaters and cuddling under a blanket with a cup of hot tea steaming nearby.

I hate getting out of bed and being IMMEDIATELY AWAKE because of the cold.

I love the look of a frosted yard.

I hate forgetting to start the car.

I love the feeling of beginning that fall always brings me.