Because I find this an intriguing way that Kitchen Madonna converses with her readers, I thought I would give you a taste of what’s filling my Commonplace Book and longing to get typed up and shared with you ASAP (though be warned, it could change at the drop of a keystroke…):

  • The Story of the Snoring Scholar (to celebrate a year here, with you)
  • The Shoes that Took Over the House (something from a while back that I thought you might enjoy and that describes just exactly what is happening here at the Rocking R Retreat)
  • Things They Don’t Prepare You for in the Parenting Classes
  • Tuesdays with Grandma (though I had hoped to get this done today in honor of her birthday, it’s unlikely)
  • The First Iris (and then a whole host of gardening posts and pictures – they’re up there in the ether, calling to me and threatening to blot the pages of my beautiful blank journals, which would be fun)
  • The Fabulous New Bathroom (including before and after pictures and Big Tributes to the Brothers NonGrim, Poppa Amazing, and Prince Charming (you know, this whole Naming thing is cute, and maybe too cute, dontcha think?) (yes, that’s me, talking to myself, and you can hear it too, can’t you?)