I always sort of roll my eyes when books start to use a lot of acronyms. I mean, come ON. For one thing, it’s hoaky. For another, we have enough alphabet soup that no one understands here in the Catholic Churchola.

So I found myself almost regretting diving in butt-first to this summer’s Lawn Chair Catechism when I saw that this summer’s book, A Well-Built Faith by the well-known Joe Paprocki, was filled with…acronyms. Not just one or two but…a lot of them.

well-built-faith copy

And you know what else? I WAS ENJOYING THEM. And…get THIS…REMEMBERING THEM.

This book’s hitting me at a particularly good time (I’m going straight through and then coming back to write about each chapter, which is how I do most of these things). In two short weeks, I’m off to teach Confirmation Boot Camp again. A little refresher is a good thing. I can use all the H.E.L.P. I can get.

Paprocki talks about the need for a good foundation this week, and it got me to thinking.

Part of what colors and influences my Catholic faith is the Christian upbringing I had. A lot of my familiarity and comfort with both the Bible and Jesus are because I was raised on Bible stories and with a deep experience of relationship with Jesus.

Paprocki writes:

To make a Christian is to impart a way of life. This means that becoming a follower of Jesus—a disciple—requires not only information but also transformation. We need to know certain things to be a disciple of Christ, but we also need to do specific things to live as his followers.

What’s it take to have a well-built faith? I could write a whole post on that topic, but I’m going to stop. Because this summer’s Lawn Chair Catechism, and this chapter-by-chapter writing will help me to answer that better and in more depth.

I hope you’ll join us. This week’s post on Part 1 and Chapter 1 is here, complete with a video of Joe Paprocki in his cool hat, with his pipe, and rocking his lawn chair.

LCC-Join us!