It’s March, at last! There’s hope for spring, now that the calendar proclaims MARCH, and in keeping with my resolutions so far this year, I’m going to continue some organization projects around this old house. In January, I attacked the bookcases and boxes of books that have been collecting dust. Last month, I dutifully got rid of the many piles of give-aways that were littering my living spaces.

This month, I’m going to wade in among the toy clutter. It’s mostly condensed to one room, but WHAT a room and WHAT a mess. I had been pondering this before I read this article on old-fashioned play, but now I’m even more convinced that the cardboard boxes will stay and some of the plastic contraptions will go. (You owe it to yourself to read the article for yourself.)

This is, perhaps, a bit of a bigger resolution than these monthly resolutions are designed to be. (Wondering just what they are? Michelle explains here.) However, it’s a real need in our house, and if I only just get the toys sorted this month, and if it ends up being a two (or three) phase project, then so be it. There’s no hurry, just the motivation to keep moving.

And there’s no guarantee, if the weather breaks and we have time for outdoor play, that I’ll even BE inside to get this project done (if I procrastinate on it, that is). So, there you go, my March resolution that’s, perhaps, not even going to happen. 🙂