I’m a mother.

In other words…

I’m a negotiator. (Have you ever tried to get a three-year-old dressed in something other than what she had in mind?)

I’m a secretary…from the doctor’s appointments to play dates, office work to housework.

I’m a juggler…of appointments and obligations, bills and accounts, responsibilities and messages.

I’m an event planner…and the outcome is measured by squeals and smiles.

I’m a teacher…for the rest of my life, by how I act and what I value, more than what I say.

I’m a short order cook and chef…whatever that means (and whether I want to or not).

I’m a cleaning service…of messes I could never have dreamed up on my own.

I’m a nurse, doctor, and midwife…whatever credentials I lack.

I’m the Complaint Department…and you can just take a number.

I’m the translator…and the linguist…of a language I hope I never forget.

I’m paid in long-term rewards and short-term satisfaction.

I’m a sprinter…to the phone, to the potty, to the store, to where I’m needed.

I’m a distance runner…through long days following long nights, repeat.

I’m sleep-deprived…but appreciating it while it lasts.

I’m rumpled…in the eyes of the flawless people I sometimes encounter.

I’m spotless…in the eyes of a child only Mommy can comfort.

I pray like I breathe…constantly.

I have magical powers…to make clean clothes appear, to make dirty diapers disappear, to make the baby smile.

I am the most beautiful woman in the world to the man who gave me this awesome job.

I am blessed beyond deserving.

I am a mother.