A Mary Moment Monday post

You know what I love about my New Media relationships? I love when they become in real life, when the faces and voices become tangible and interactive and the subtleties of conversation happens while life pours down around us.

Pat Gohn and I

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to make a number of New Media friends, friends who are not virtual at all, who get Christmas cards and phone calls from us. It’s been a joy to meet people who I’ve gotten to know over the years, and last week’s Catholic Writers Conference Live and Catholic Marketing Network trade show was an opportunity to meet quite a few people I’ve become close to over the years.

I have a number of pictures of these fine folks holding my baby, and what you won’t see in the pictures is the jumping up and down that was happening in my heart.

Ellen Gable Hrkach and I

When I reflect on the Visitation, it makes perfect sense to me that Mary would drop everything and go to Elizabeth. Aside from the fact that Elizabeth was probably having a more difficult time with her pregnancy because of her age, there’s just something about BEING THERE, in real life, with someone else.

I’ve heard people argue that all this New Media stuff is a distraction from real life, but, for me, it has opened the door to many graces and blessings.

Lisa Hendey and I

Just as Mary rushed off to help Elizabeth, I feel like these events that bring us all together in real life offer an opportunity: to serve, to hug, to smile, to enjoy each other in the very best ways.  I think Elizabeth must have been very blessed by Mary’s presence and generosity, and that’s just how I feel after a week around amazing people.

I’m thanking God for the gift of these friends and for the blessing of in real life meetings, short though they often are. I’m reflecting on how Mary must have cherished her time with Elizabeth and how I can bring what I’ve learned back into my everyday life.