World, meet Meredith Gould.

Oh, you already knew her? Well, that figures. But I’m not surprised.

{I’d like to note that she got that great clock for only $8.95. I suspect there’s more to the story, but the fact that she let me use that picture is simply great, don’t you think?}

I met Meredith many years ago when I dipped into the delightful waters of Twitter. (She’s @MeredithGould.) Over the years, we’ve become friends…nothing “virtual” about it. About two years ago (has it been that long?) she mailed a box of Marian goodies to my family that had all of us jumping up and down.


Over the years, I’ve enjoyed her books and interviewing her and hosting her. As it turns out, she’s been busy writing about social media again, and her latest book, The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways, is a great read for anyone in parish ministry.

So today, world, in this week’s Quick Takes fun, I bring you a special interview with Meredith Gould, one that’s a salute to the conversations we’ve had in 140-or-less on Twitter: a Twitterview! 🙂

Tell us about your new book, The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways.

It’s an easy-to-read guide to understanding why social media is an essential tool for sharing the Gospel, supporting faith, and building community.

Who do you hope reads this book?

Those who are skeptical, afraid, change-averse or in denial about 21st century technology as well as advocates for these evangelism tools.

What’s the takeaway that you pray your readers get from The Social Media Gospel?

Social media will work only when users invest time in thinking carefully and completely about audience(s), message(s) and goal(s). Strategy!

What was the biggest challenge of writing this book?

#1: providing conceptual frameworks and complex issues without using jargon or boring my readers. #2: Not gaining more weight than I did.

What was the most unexpected blessing of authoring this book?

Getting reaffirmed in my deep belief that the passion to learn new ways to share our Christian faith transcends denominational boundaries.

What’s your favorite social media platform and why?

Twitter! Love swift real-time interaction plus the elegant economy having a 140-character limit. Runner-up: Pinterest. Love curating images.

What’s your favorite chapter of the book and why?

No! I am not going to choose among my children and you can’t make me!

BONUS: What’s your message to those who say they’ll “never” use social media?

Fine, don’t use social media but please, don’t or discourage or prevent others from doing so!

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