Yes, you’re seeing that right…it’s a galley copy of Christopher West’s new book, Heaven’s Song.

pause for much jumping up and down and screeching

Have I ever told you how Christopher West and John Paul II changed my life?


Well, I have been meaning to, and once I surface from the joy of reading this book, I’ll tell you all about it. Until then, you can go over and read what the lovely overachieving Sister Spitfire had to say about this book (and can I just say now that her idea about buying copies (yes, plural) is probably not going to bode well for my ongoing reviewer experience, from my budget’s perspective – grand visions of saving money are out the window, but in a good, delightful, jumping-up-and-down-and-screeching kind of way).

All thanks to the Catholic Company’s reviewer program. What? You love to read and you haven’t signed up? Whatcha waiting for?