The Chosen program caught my eye and has held my interest in the months since I first reviewed it. A while back, I had the opportunity to interview Chris Stefanick, who was (and is) the muscle and brainpower behind Chosen. Talking with him, I was struck by how passionate Chris is about young people.

It’s a passion I get, because I share it. I’ve shared it for many years, and as I watch the kids around me blossom into young adults, it only grows stronger.

The more times I teach Confirmation Boot Camp, the more strongly I feel about the future of our faith and how brightly it shines in the faces of the young people I work with.

My conversation with Chris Stefanick was as inspiring for me as it was informative for anyone interested in Chosen.

Here’s a sampling of the interview.

What do you think is the most important aspect of the program?

Catechesis is not just teaching to convey facts; it’s teaching for conversion. That’s what we do by presenting the truth of the faith in a way that applies to [the students’] lives in a context where it’s delivered in small-group discipleship and in a way that shows it’s also beautiful and has something of value to give to them for how they approach life. I think that’s the most important piece, and I think we hit that throughout every lesson.

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